Samstag, 22. Januar 2011


Auch ich habe erstmal zwei Bücher zum Tausch anzubieten.
Es ist einmal dieses hier (auf englisch):

Keith Miller- The Book ok Flying:
In a city where some inhabitants sit in cafes while others fly over the sea, Pico, a wingless poet who works as a librarian, falls in love with one of the winged people. When she eludes Pico's grasp, he despairs until he discovers, hidden near his library, a book telling of a ruined town where he can get his own wings. He immediately sets off for the fabled town, his mission taking him through deep forests into the arms of a lusty, gorgeous robber queen whose charms diminish for the reader when she utters cliches like "It's the ultimate theft, the stealing of another's heartbeat." Other encounters-with a talking rabbit who has compiled many fascinating tomes on local flora; with a young man who, in addition to being the poet's near-spitting image, is a cannibal-bring the poet ever closer to his goal, though each new twist in his journey saps his strength. Wallowing in high-flown whimsy and laughably bad poetry ("His tears have entered every well/ and his semen is the sap of peaches"), the novel rolls along predictably, despite Miller's mix of archetypal fantasy elements (flying people, talking animals, journeys through dark woods) and contemporary detail (the love of cigarettes, ever-present cafes, one city composed largely of booksellers). The downbeat ending skirts the obvious, but little else does in this hot-air-filled debut.
Tauschen würde ich gern gegen Krimis/Thriller oder Kreativbücher. Unten habe ich schon etwas von KArin Slaughter gesehen, was mich sehr interessieren würde.

Viele Grüße



  1. Patchwork-Buch, das würde ich gerne haben wollen. Guck doch mal bei meinen Büchern ob was für dich dabei ist!
    Lg, Kirsten

  2. habe gerade gesehen, das du das buch von karin slaugther haben möchtest! wir können gerne tauschen. Meld dich doch mal per Mail bei mir, wegen Adressentausch.

    Lg, Kirsten

  3. Dann lösche den Post doch,der Übersichtlichkeit wegen :)